Allegato Economico 2020 EN

Economic Annex of the 2020 Edition ©


1.1 Registration for the 2020 edition of the CENTOPASSI costs
– Driver € 330.00
– Passenger € 160.00to be paid in a single solution in the manner and within the times indicated in the acceptance email of the application.There are no cost increases for team registration.

2. TEAM registration

2.1 To register a team follow these steps:

2.a) the team leader must fill out the form in all its parts, specifying in the appropriate field << TEAM REGISTRATION >> the wording << Yes, I am the team leader >> specifying the name of the team in the next box and wait for the email to accept the application by completing the payment.

After the team leader has completed his registration procedure and paid his fee, the other team members can register by specifying, in the appropriate boxes on the form, the name of the team leader and the name of the team. IT IS USELESS TO REGISTER EARLY BECAUSE THE SYSTEM WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE THE NEW MEMBER AND IT WOULD CREATE ERROR BY PREVENTING THE FILLING IN OF THE FORM.

The members of the team who register after the foreman must follow the instructions they will receive via email for payment and anything else.2.2 The name of the team must be chosen EXCLUSIVELY by the team leader and CANNOT BE MODIFIED.

For the denomination of the Teams, brand names, distinctive signs, existing and organized groups, nor denominations with vulgar and / or offensive content of the dignity and / or decorum of third parties are NOT allowed.

2.3 Each team member will have to pay the individual registration fee in order for their membership to be considered definitively accepted.

3. Registration as PASSENGER

3.1 To register as a PASSENGER it is essential that the Pilot’s registration is already completed, also as a payment.Once this is done, follow the << passenger registration >> procedure starting from the first box of the form and selecting the <<passenger>> item; then, by filling in the rest of the form in its entirety.Wait for the reply e-mail and abide by what is indicated in it.


4. Surrenders

In the case of cancellations (only those sent by email will be taken into consideration) received:
4.1 by March 15, 2019 the sum of € 100.00 will be retained as a contribution for management and secretarial expenses;
4.2 the sum of € 200.00 will be withheld from 16 to 31 March 2019;
4.3 the entire amount will be retained after March 31, 2019.



5.1 The Organization reserves the right to request each participant before sending the electronic tracking equipment to communicate the number of a valid credit card and valid at least until 30 June 2020.This as security for any loss, subtraction, damage to the electronic equipment that will be sent to each participant and which is essential for the holding of the event.The amount of the security deposit for the 2020 edition of CENTOPASSI® is set at the sum of € 150.00 (one hundred and fifty / 00 euros).The methods of charging will be specified in the release form which will eventually be sent by email and which must be completed and returned to the Organization via email after having signed it. The forwarding of the release form by email constitutes a guarantee of the correct and secure storage of credit card data which – transmitted and received in this way – cannot be subject to theft and / or in any case being appropriated via the Internet and / or electronically by attackers.

5.2 Alternatively, the participant may send a bank draft of the same amount (€ 150.00) to the Organization’s headquarters – indicated on the website – made out as follows: A.S.D. CENTOPASSI Moto & Sport within 5 days. following the request for security.

5.3 The deposit will be processed only in the event that, at the end of the event, the participant will not return the electronic equipment to the Organization for any reason, or return it damaged in whole and / or in part. Upon conclusion of the checks and in any case not later than 20 days from the end of the Exhibition, the Organization will collect the amount of the security deposit in case of damage / failure to return the electronic equipment and, therefore, communicate by email the destruction of the sensitive data in his possession (credit card number, etc.) to each participant. The organization reserves the right to modify / integrate this economic attachment at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for an improvement of the event. IMPORTANT: in compliance with art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 which protects the confidentiality of personal data, the event management informs that the personal data of each participant will be processed in electronic and / or paper version for the purpose of registering for the event and subsequent communications, for future events of the same kind organized by the same structure. The data will be processed directly by the Organization and will not be communicated and / or disclosed to third parties by any means.