Economic annex

Economic annex of the 2019 edition©


1.1  The registration fees for the 2019  CENTOPASSI are
– pilot € 330,00
– passenger € 150,00
to be paid in full as indicated with regards to how and when in the email confirming the acceptance of the application form.
No extra fees are added for the registration of teams.

2. TEAM registration

2.1 To register a team, follow these steps:

2.a) the head of the team must complete all the parts of the form  specifying in the appropriate field << REGISTRATION of a TEAM >> the wording << Yes, I am the HEAD of the TEAM >> must further specify the name of the team in the next box and then wait for the email of acceptance of the application for registration prior to completing the registration by making the payment.

The team members must register only after the HEAD of the TEAM has completed its registration procedure (including the payment) specifying, in the appropriate boxes of the form, the name of the HEAD of the TEAM and the name of the team.

All members of the team must then in order to complete their registration procedure, follow the instructions that will be sent by email for the payment and with regards to everything else.

2.2 The name of the team must be chosen EXCLUSIVELY by the head of the team and CAN NOT BE MODIFIED.

Names of brands, distinctive signs, already existing and organized groups, or names with vulgar content and / or offensive  and / or derogative of third parties are NOT allowed as a team name.

2.3 Each member of the team has to pay the individual registration fee in order for their registration to be considered as definitively accepted.

3. PASSENGER registration

3.1 To register as a PASSENGER it is essential that the pilot’s registration has already been completed, including also the payment of the fee. After that, follow the procedure << passenger registration >> starting from the first box of the form and selecting the field << passenger >>, then completely filling in the rest of the form.

Wait for the reply by e-mail and follow the indicated instructions within the mail.

4. Withdrawal

In case of withdrawal (only written withdrawals sent by mail will be taken into consideration) if received:

4.1 by 15th March  2019 the sum of € 100.00 will be retained as a contribution for the management and the secretarial expenses;

4.2 from 16th to 31st March 2019 the sum of € 200.00 will be retained;

4.3 after 31st March 2019 the entire amount will be retained.



5.1 The Organization reserves the right to request that each participant before the shipment of the electronic tracking equipment provides the number of a valid credit card which remains valid at least until 31st July 2019.
This card will be used  for a security deposit for any loss, theft, damage to the electronic equipment that will be sent to each participant and that is essential for the conduct of the event.
The amount of the deposit for the 2019 edition of CENTOPASSI® is the fixed sum of € 150.00 (one hundred and fifty / 00 euros).
The methods of applying the charge will be specified in the authorization form that will be sent by e-mail and which must be completed and returned to the Organization by e-mail after having been signed.
Forwarding the authorization form by mail guarantees the correct and secure storage of the credit card data that – transmitted and received in this way – can not be stolen and / or otherwise passed on or accessed by the internet and / or by telematic means for misuse by third parties.

5.2 Alternatively, the participant can send an international prepaid cheque written out with the same amount (€ 150.00) addressed to the Organization’s registered office, indicated on the website, as follows: A.S.D. CENTOPASSI Moto & Sport within 5 days following the request for a deposit.
5.3 The deposit will be used/ debited only if, at the end of the event, the participant fails for any reason to return the electronic equipment to the organization, or returns it damaged in whole and / or in part.

Once the equipment checks have been completed and no later than 20 days after the end of the rally, the organization will debit the deposit in case of damage of / failure to return the electronic equipment and will then confirm by mail the deletion of the protected data in its possession (credit card number, etc.) to each participant.

The organization reserves the right to modify / supplement this economic annex at any time for reasons that it deems appropriate for an improvement of the event.

IMPORTANT: in compliance with art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 which protects the confidentiality of personal data, the event management informs that the personal data of each participant will be processed in computer and / or paper version for the purpose of registration in the event and subsequent communications, for future events of the same kind organized by the same organizers.

The data will be processed directly by the organization and will not by any means be communicated and / or disclosed to third parties.

Prepared on 30th  January 2019