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2020 Events

dal 2 al 4 October

Welcome to Centopassi®

The Italian motorcycle Rally par excellence

The M-S&D Association CENTOPASSI aims to promote and spread, plan, organize and implement the sporting activities of motorcycling and motoring, motorcycling and automotive activities and – in more general – all sporting activities directly and/or  indirectly related to the practice of motorcycling and motoring, including teaching activities, including the management of all forms of competitive, recreational,  cultural or any other type of sporting activity or not, suitable to promote the knowledge and the practice, as well as the promotion, organization and participation of competitions and tournaments, with particular but not exclusive reference to motorcycling and motoring.
In order to achieve the social aims in the best possible way, the association is entitled to act as a general manager and to manage sports facilities and equipment qualified for the practice of sporting activities as well as to carry out didactic activities to start, update and  improve the performance of the practice of different sporting disciplines.

The Association also organizes and carries out training programs for members in the various disciplines referred to, with particular reference to athletes and sports technicians.
All the activities proposed by the association are open to members.

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Do you have any doubts? Are you sure you would like to participate or are you not so sure?
Do not you know if you have the right bike? Do you think you are not up to the task to try the CENTOPASSI?
Do you like the CHALLENGE? Do you like to eat?

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